Water ATM

Coin Operated Water Atm Machine

Product Code: PDBAB_379453184

Buy Coin Operated Water Atm Machine from manufacturer at best market price, Doctor water is manufacturing domestic and compact purifier at best price. these Coin Operated Water Atm Machine can be automatic or semi automatic with added features. The Installation service of the Water ATM will be managed and serviced by our company employee to provide good user experience.

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Ro Water Atm

Product Code: PDBAB_832229753

Buy Ro Water Atm from manufacturer in Kolkata, Bihar, Assam, Bihar , Jharkhand, Manipur , Nagaland and many more places at best price, available in different capacity and can be customized as per the requirements.

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Water ATM Machine

Product Code: PDBAB_135664659

Doctor water is well known manufacturer of Certified Water ATM machine in Kolkata. Electricity driven semi automatic Water ATM Machine is popularly used as cost effective option to get drinking water for common people and commuters across in India. Amount of water is provided on the basis of inserted money in it. It supports IC card, bank note and coin based payment system. Its reverse osmosis technology provides pure and clean drinking water at minimal cost. Water Automated Teller Machine is accessible in different filtration and storage capacity based choices to suit exact water demands of different locations. Water vending machine where money goes into the machine and it provides return for water.

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