Waste Water Treatment Plant

Mobile Wastewater Treatment Plant

Product Code: PDBAB_972269506

Where to find the best mobile wastewater treatment plant? The answer is with Doctor Water. We are a Kolkata-based company that is working as a manufacturer and supplier of this finest quality wastewater treatment plant. Available in automatic and semi automatic versions, this pre assembled plant is available for sale in Kolkata, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, and other areas in India. We also provide mobile water plants for various locations. The application areas of this plant are mining, oil exploration, research stations, and construction locations, to name a few.

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Prefabricated Steel Packaged Wastewater Treatment Systems

Product Code: PDBAB_977185193

Doctor Water is a reputed manufacturer and supplier from Kolkata that offers modern prefabricated steel packaged wastewater treatment systems. These are used in various industries, especially automobile, chemical, dairy, distillery, leather, paper mills, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and sugar. Factory-built and ready to be shipped, these prefabricated systems are manufactured by using top grades of mild steel and stainless steel. Also known as Commercial Prefabricated Steel Packaged Wastewater treatment plants, these are offered in various parts of India such as Kolkata, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Sikkim , Manipur, Mizoram and many others.

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Metal Readymade Box Sewage Treatment Plants

Product Code: PDBAB_587436032

We are a manufacturer of Metal Readymade Box Sewage Treatment Plant, which is very useful in removing impurities such as pH, turbidity, oil, grease, and dissolved minerals. The plant is available in automatic and semi-automatic designs. It is designed and developed to withstand harsh working environments and so its durability is always assured. Industries like dairy, chemical, and pharmaceutical use this metal readymade box sewage treatment plant.

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Automatic Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant

Product Code: PDBAB_913909487

Doctor Water is the best brand in India for offering Automatic Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plants. Working as a manufacturer and supplier, we are offering these automatic effluent treatment plants in the markets of Kolkata, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, and other parts of India. This industrial sewage treatment plant can easily remove impurities like pH, dissolved minerals, TDS, oil and grease, and turbidity. These water-cooled pre-engineered sewage treatment plants have a range of 1000 to 100000 liters per hour as the rate of feed flow.

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Wastewater Treatment Plant

Product Code: PDBAB_520988918

Product Description Treatment of wastewater is viewed as a water use since it is so intertwined with many other uses of water. Homes, industries, and businesses use a lot of water that must be treated and then released back into the environment. You could think of wastewater treatment as sewage treatment if the term is unclear to you. Nature has a natural capacity to handle small amounts of water pollution, but we would overwhelm it if we didn't treat the billions of gallons of wastewater and sewage released every day. Plants treat wastewater to reduce pollution levels to a level nature can manage. Using our wastewater treatment plant, suspended solids are removed as much as possible before remaining water, or effluent, is discharged. The decay of solid material reduces the amount of oxygen that is available to plants and animals on the surface. Much of the suspended solids are removed in the primary treatment, and the remaining are removed in the secondary treatment.

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