Coin and card water vending machine

Coin Water ATM

Product Code: PDBAB_697163970

Doctor Water is a well-known manufacturer of Coin Water ATM, which has automatic work operation. We have used top-grade material to make this ATM, which ensures its high performance. In tune with our motto of customer satisfaction, we ensure to conduct quality testing on every part of the coin water ATM. Through this, we guarantee the modern design and build the strength of the product. 

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Water ATM

Product Code: PDBAB_647575071

Doctor Water is a manufacturer of Water ATM, which is one of our popular coin and card-based water vending machines. It is useful for providing safe and pure drinking water at various installations such as retail outlets, government entities, institutes, trade fair sites, and other public places. The water ATM takes the input in the form of a card/coin and provides clean, potable water as the output.

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