Iron Removal Plant

Domestic Iron Removal Plant

Product Code: PDBAB_875929905

By contacting Doctor Water, you can buy Domestic Iron Removal Plant directly from the manufacturer. This Iron Removal Plants and Filters are designed by adopting reverse osmosis membrane-based water purification technology to get germ-free potable water. Semi-permeable RO membranes of these plants thoroughly remove bacteria, organic particles, and other harmful content present in untreated brackish water or fluid obtained from well, taps, underground, etc. When it comes to Iron Removal Plants Manufacturers and Suppliers, then Doctor Water is trusted by everyone. We are offering this type of domestic plant to remove iron and related impurities in different states of India. It contains standard components like a raw water supply pump, multiple filters, reverse osmosis membrane, UV stabilizer, etc. The sodium ion exchanger of such plants instrumental in removing the hardness of the water.

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Iron Removal Water Plant

Product Code: PDBAB_195976145

Buy Iron Removal Water Plant directly from manufacturer. Equipped with carbon steel or stainless steel housing, Iron Removal Plants are used for thorough removal of heavy metal based impurities present in untreated water. These types of water treatment equipment's are required to treat tube well or ground water where presence of manganese and iron is common. Mechanical operation of such plants saves labor cost and enhances their production capacity. Water Softening Plants are offered with electro polished, mirror finished and matt spray treated surface finishing option. Supply Ability : 8 to 10 Plants Per Day .

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Shallow Hand Pump Iron Removal Plant

Product Code: PDBAB_090791833

Product Details: Material Stainless Steel 304 Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic Weight (kg) 100 Kilograms (kg) Dimension(L*W*H) 1300x600x1400 Millimeter (mm)

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Iron Removal Filter Plant

Product Code: PDBAB_957478343

Buy Iron Removal Filter Plant from manufacturer in Kolkata. There are several water treatment processes for removing contaminants from water. Removing iron from uncontaminated water is one of those processes. We have come up with a well-engineered Iron Removal Filter Plant for helping businesses in smooth conducting of this process. Since this iron filtration unit has a media bed similar to the one that a water softener has. Therefore, Iron Removal Filter Plant functions like a water softener. Top-of-the-line material is used in the manufacturing of this plant while ensuring that all the safety guidelines and quality standards are carefully met.

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Iron Removal Plant for Home

Product Code: PDBAB_665467638

Buy Iron Removal Plant for Home directly from manufacturer. Using our specially designed iron removal plant, both metals and chemicals can be removed. The plant is fabricated with the latest technology and equipment so as to meet client needs. Quality controllers thoroughly examine this plant in terms of functions and seamless finishing. the equipped absorptive filter ensures clean and healthy water. It provides a method for removing iron from ground and surface water using UF membrane-assisted oxidation, making drinking water safe to consume. Adaptable at the household and community level, this method can address high levels of iron contamination in a cost-effective manner. It produces crystal clear, turbid, and iron-free water, and uses a very low working pressure.

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