Water ATM Machine


Doctor water is well known manufacturer of Certified Water ATM machine in Kolkata. Electricity driven semi automatic Water ATM Machine is popularly used as cost effective option to get drinking water for common people and commuters across in India. Amount of water is provided on the basis of inserted money in it. It supports IC card, bank note and coin based payment system. Its reverse osmosis technology provides pure and clean drinking water at minimal cost. Water Automated Teller Machine is accessible in different filtration and storage capacity based choices to suit exact water demands of different locations. Water vending machine where money goes into the machine and it provides return for water.


Product Details:

                                                 Product Specification for Water ATM

Inbuilt coin vending system


Programable Timer


Digital / Analog Indicator

For Coin insert and Water Dispense

Water flow sensor


Timer Sensor


Water Totalizer


Battery Backup System


Storage Tank Capacity

100 / 250 / 500 / 1000/ 2000 Ltr and many more

(Customization available)

Body Material

Made of SS (Stainless Steel) and MS (Mild Steel)

Power Consumption

1.5 KW to 7 KW

Water Filtration Capacity

According to the need of Buyer

Water Dispenser Type

Coin / Smart Card


According to the client requirement



Number of Dispensing points


No of Taps


Taps are made of

Stainless Steel (SS) And ABS

Type of Operation

Semi Automatic / Automatic

Water Source

Municipal Tap and other water sources

Technology Used

Reverse Osmosis

Filters installed in the system

Pressure Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, 10 Micron Filter,

5 micron Filter, Composite Membrane

Anti scalant dosing pump


pH Correction Dosing Pump

If required

Raw water Storage capacity

Depends on the water purification

Raw water Storage Tank Material


Location of the Raw Water Storage Tank

Inside ATM

ATM Installation Type

Floor Mounted / Vehicle Mounted

Number of Filtration steps


Water Temperature Controller

if required can be installed

Inlet / Feed Pump Type

Horizontal Centrifugal

Number of Inlet / Feed Pumps


Pump Motor Rating

3 HP

Material of construction for media filter vessels

FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic )

Type of Multi Port Valve


Body material of Multi Port Valve


Number of Multi Port Valves installed

1 PCs

Type of Anti scalent Dosing Pump


Anti scalent Dosing Pump made of


No of Anti scalent Dosing Pump Installed

1 PCs

Type of High Pressure Pump

Vertical Centrifugal

Construction of High Pressure Pump

PP (polypropylene)

No of High Pressure Pumps

1 Pcs

Membrane housing type

mounted on skid - End port

RO Pressure Vessel

1 Pieces

Piping Material

Certified UPVC Pipe and Fittings

Water ATM Enclosure

Structure is made of MS frame

Thickness of the frame of structure


Material of Side Panels of Water ATM

Galvanized Steel sheet

Shape of the Water ATM



There are so many advantages of such water vending solution.

These include:

  • Affordable price of provided water and convenient payment mode
  • Reverse osmosis filtration technology of this machine provides germs free purified drinking water.
  • Prevents water borne ailments
  • Keeps commuters hydrated especially during summer
  • Quick filtration technique saves time and human effort needed to get potable water
  • Eliminates necessity of using packaged drinking water
  • Acts as reliable and uninterrupted source of purified fluid (24x7) especially in rural and urban areas where scarcity of drinkable water is common
  • Pay per use basis system of such machine makes people to act prudently to save water as they need to pay for getting water
  • Useful for reducing environmental pollution caused by empty plastic bottles
  • It promotes the concept of drinking filtered water to maintain hygiene.

Design and components

This water vending equipment consists of standard accessories like:

  • Pause and filling buttons
  • Coin acceptor, IC card acceptor
  • Water filling window
  • Water tank
  • Control system
  • Filter cartridge
  • RO membrane

Enclosed outer structure of this water vending machine is made of stainless steel or carbon steel. Welded and painted body of this system can endure harsh weather. Multilevel RO purification based filtration technology of this machine conforms to health safety norms. Intelligent IC card and coin acceptors of this equipment ensure its billing accuracy. Ozone sterilization technique adopted by this vending system prevents secondary pollution. UV sterilization technology of this machine maintains standard quality of offered water. Photosensitive unit of this machine is used to control mechanism of its light box at low electricity consumption rate. Cutting edge pretreatment technology of this machine performs filter backwash to save its maintenance charge.

Suitable to be installed at below mentioned locations:

  • Railway and metro stations
  • Roadside area
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • In different public areas

Special features:

  • Simple installation method and water proof exterior
  • Built in water storage tank for consistent water filtration and supplying purpose
  • Equipped with optional features like LCD advertisement player, MDB protocol arrangement and online status checking facility
  • Multi stage ozone sterilization and UV sterilization

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