Mineral Water Treatment Plant


Doctor Water is the best company and brand from India that offers Mineral Water Treatment Plant and Equipment which has an hourly water lifting capacity between 500 to 10000, 20000 liters. Doctor Water is the supplier, exporter, and manufacturer from Kolkata for this avant-garde mineral water plant, which has the latest water purification technology. The unique design of this plant ensures its simple maintenance and cleaning. Also, this stainless steel mineral water treatment plant requires less area for installation. This results in a more sustainable and profitable solution for making water that is pure and potable. You can easily buy Mineral Water Treatment Plant directly from its leading manufacturer – Doctor Water. We are providing Mineral Water Plants In Kolkata, Assam, Bihar, Andaman Nicobar, Jharkhand, East India, and other states. This package drinking water system has a higher purification capacity in the range of 1000 to 2000 liters every hour.


Product Details:

This system is integrated with different segments that are detailed below:

  • Chlorine dosing system

 Over 3-4 ppm sodium hypo chlorite is delivered in raw water tank, which responds with water to produce a hypo chlorite acid that functions as disinfecting   substance. Besides, demanded discharge and suction pipe system in construction is delivered with separation valves. The dose rate can be modified  by the  workers in compliance with the real requirement that may different on cases. 

  • Raw water storage tank

This is equipped with quality isolation valves and pipes. It is also ideal model for level indicator.

  • Water supply pump

A centrifugal pump of metal structure has been given for transferring water to sand filter and pressure unit. 

  • Pressure sand filter

It is designed for expulsion of turbidity and suspended matters from raw water. Inside this system. A bottom accumulating system is also provided. Besides, a consistent grade of silica quartz sand is transferred on the supporting medium of gravels and pebbles. It is equipped with metal pipe work alongside multiport valve that are installed on the exterior body. Because of this, the trapped matters become lose and flow out with waste water. This water flow procedure is called backwashing that is continued till the waste water coming out is transparent.

  • SMBS dosing system

The produced chlorinated water oxidizes the layer and to prevent the same issues, we have given SMBS dosing system, which is basically a chemical preparation tank alongside a diaphragm dosing pump.

  • Activated carbon filter

This filter can expel color, chlorine and odorwhile transferring the water via carbon bed alongside color and odor. It also has carbon granules that have huge surface area and certain qualities to assimilate organics. This unit additionally is integrated with vertical pressure vessel.

  • Anti-scalant dosing

To avert poor water quality, this unit is provided in which an inhibitor for scale or equivalent substance is added in feed water.


  • Micron cartridge filter

This filter has of filtration unit of both small and large absolute and nominal micron cartridge. It is the best consumable cartridge as well as ought to be supplanted following days of operation.

  • High pressure pump

For reverse osmosis procedure to occur, the water feed pressure requiresto be lifted. Therefore, an upright centrifugal pump is incorporated that needs lifted working pressure. The equipped pump has quality pipe work alongside needed control valves.   

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