Reverse Osmosis Membranes


We provide reverse osmosis membranes that use a powerful pressure for the movement of water through its semi-permeable layers that only allow water to pass, along with stopping all the salts and other larger molecules from passing ahead. These reverse osmosis membranes are used in various industries and segments, such as the boiler industry, cooling tower, cold storage, dairy industry, and food processing segment, to name a few.


Product Details:

Features of RO Membranes:

  • Formulated from using the Schiff basis of polyallylamine.
  • Used for separating the inorganic and organic solutes.
  • Temperature, pH, flux rate, recovery percentage, turbidity, electrically conductivity are the parameters.
  • Durability affected by certain factors, such as bacterial attack, hydrolysis, fouling, operating pressure and chemical degradation.

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