Prefabricated Effluent Treatment Plant


Doctor Water prefabricated effluent treatment plants are provided with a modern design, which ensures that they take less space than the conventional design plants. This makes our prefabricated effluent treatment plant applicable in various industries and institutions, such as schools, hospitals, hotels, and others. We offer compact and decentralized effluent treatment plants that do not require access to the municipal sewer system.


Product Details:

Rollabss Hi Tech Industries has developed revolutionary and innovative underground and prefabricated sewage treatment plant that is known to consume very less area of the land and further provide excellent output that assures the graded quality of the treated water. The underground STP as well as the Package Sewage Treatment Plant that mainly comprises of Primary clarifier and also settler, accompanied by the aeration tank along with the bio media, disinfection system, tube setter, Ultra filtration, Tertiary Treatment, UV system and Ozonator.

Prefabricated ETP Plant successfully improves the quality of the treatment, that increases the treatment capacity making it a total solution for the environment protection that we are offering. As per the various kinds of sewage flow, much needed treatment process type as well as the environmental conditions, that has developed the Prefabricated Treatment Packages by making use of the Moving Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR) Process and also in sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) Process that serves the sewage biological treatment that incorporates the best technologies in the portable treatment systems. The plant offers multiple advantages to the users, such as:-
The small foot print as well as the simplicity of the installation along with the operations.

  • The capital and also the operating costs are very low.
  • Plant is reusable and is treated effluent for the proper irrigation.
  •  Plant makes use of the various technologies as well as the processes for the reliable treatment of the waste.

Effluent treatment plant can be streamlined for the physiochemical treatment along with the biological treatment which is soon followed by the tertiary treatment. The integrated functions is comforted with the user friendly control which makes the operation even more easier. The engineers hired by us expert in designing the etp plants as per the customization that is based on the specific requirements of the customers. The Industrial waste waters derived from the certain industries and don't meet the fixed standards for the discharge, and definitely are reusable as the process water. First of all, the various toxic components have to be eliminated or removed from the flow of wastewater. Physicochemical wastewater treatment is the most frequently used technique that is brought in use in the area of the wastewater treatment. The Physicochemical wastewater treatment techniques are thoroughly applied for removing the oils, heavy metals, and greases, suspended matter as well as the organic and inorganic components, emulating organic substances,  also used for the components which are difficult to decompose, toxic pollutants, non polar organic substances, or high salt concentrations, phosphorus.

Product Details :

Feed Flow Rate (cubic-meter/day) 1000-100000 Litre/day
Automation Grade Automatic, Semi-Automatic
Water Source Industrial Effluent, Municipal Sewage
Industry Sugar Industry, Dairy Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Distillery, Paper Mills, Leather Industry, Chemical/Petroleum Industry, Automobile, Slaughter House
Brand Doctor Water
Condition New
Treatment Stages Preliminary Treatment, Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, Tertiary Treatment, Disinfection
Installation Type Containerized Plug & Play, Prefabricated
Material Metal
PH Level 5-6 PH
Plant Type Sewage Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant

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