Effluent Treatment Plants


Doctor Water Effluent Treatment Plants are used for treating and cleaning the effluent, thereby removing the suspended solids. The resultant or treated water that is received from these effluent treatment plants as output is completely safe to be released into the environment. These plants are designed and developed according to the best quality standard and can be customized as per the demands of customers.


Product Details:

Requirements of Effluent Treatment Plants:

This Effluent Treatment Plants require land for the construction along with it they also require energy, specialized manpower in order to operate and maintain them finely. With the help of these plants solid wastes get break into smaller pieces by using the internal mechanism in order to produce an environmental friendly and cleaner effluent. Sewage and wastewater are supplied to the tanks, where liquids and solids disperse, which result liquid flows into the bio zone chamber.

For treating the industrial waste water this ETP plant is designed which then safely disposed to the environment. Consumption of water which is not fit for drinking or performing other functions adversely affect the health of the consumer or can also affect the environment haphazardly.

Urban population is one of the main causes which has enhanced the coverage of water supply domestically and sewer give rise to higher quantities of municipal wastewater. Installation of such effluent plants has entirely changed the use of wastewaters, as it is being used safely and beneficially. Under the price range of 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs INR these Effluent Treatment Plantscan be constructed. By removing all the undesirable elements, such as suspended and dissolved organic inorganic substances properly and obtain the safe water.

Features of Effluent Treatment Plants:

  • Effluent samples have been analyzed on the basis of their composition and nature and processed accordingly.
  • Offered energy efficient Effluent Treatment Plants are portable in nature which makes their functioning easier.
  • Principle of the operation of these Effluent Treatment Plants is physico-chemical treatment followed by other treatments, like chemical oxidation, adsorption (activated charcoal treatment), reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and evaporation.
  • These treatment plants can be constructed easily.

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