Demineralization Plant


Buy Demineralization Plant directly from manufacturer in Kolkata. This particular plant has an outstanding value of ion exchange rate. Through the process of iron exchange, various harmful and unwanted minerals are removed from the source water. Our expert team manufacturing dm water plant, demin water plant, portable dm water plant and dm water treatment plant at competitive price . Doctor water well know for providing quality service at West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim.


Product Details:


Presence of this plant can be noticed in power stations, pharmaceutical industry and electronic arena. Treated water is also used for surface preparation, electroplating and cleaning jobs.

Components and Mechanism

Pretreatment accessories of this plant are made of stainless steel or fiberglass. Featured with compact shape, these are simple to install. Based on its application requirements, this water treatment solution is available with automatic and manual control mode based option.

Pretreatment section consists of feed water pump for supplying of raw water, sand filter for thorough removal of organic particles, colloidal matters and turbidity. Active carbon filter of this section is used to eliminate chloride, color and other harmful particles present in fluid. Water softener is used to treat hardness of fluid. UPVC pipe fittings and automatic control heads are the other parts of this section.

RO unit of this system consists of PP filter for preventing entrance of all sorts of impurities, dust, iron and large particles inside filtration membrane to prolong its service life. High pressure pump of this section plays significant role in providing power to this unit. Pressure controller and over heat protection section of this unit help to avoid hazardous situation. RO membrane located in this section effectively removes sodium, mercury and other harmful heavy metals found in water. 

Ion exchanging section of this plant comprises of PP filter for removal of small particles of impurities present in water and booster pump for supplying necessary power. Ion exchanging resin of this unit thoroughly removes ions of water.

Control section of this water treatment system consists of carbon painted control panel, branded PLC, user friendly touch controlled mechanism and branded parts that have long functional life.

Based on specific application needs, this plant can be availed with mechanical or manual backwashing function. It also comprises of separate indicators for denoting TDS level, integrating water flow and pressure.

Design of its RO Membrane

Spiral structure of this RO part has been produced by using multiple layers of membrane that were wound around a central tube having perforated surface. This specific component comprises of accessories like brine seal, feed channel spacer, outer wrap etc.

Safety Features

Offered treatment plant is completely protected against short circuit, over current, under voltage, creepage and leakage. In case of multi stage pump, this plant offers water shortage protection feature.

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